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Michael Lacey and James Larkin, controlling shareholders of Back, have also been criminally charged with conspiracy to commit pimping, a felony. Thank you to the California Department of Justice Special Agents, investigators, attorneys, and our partners in law enforcement who have worked tirelessly to bring the operators of this online brothel to justice and protect thousands of victims of trafficking.

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SinceBack has been expanding operations, creating sites in hundreds of cities throughout the world, including over 30 cities in California. Ferrer took data from Back users and created content for Back-affiliated sites like EvilEmpire.

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The investigation found that Evilempire. Sincethe NCMEC has reported 2, instances to California law enforcement where suspected child sex trafficking occurred via Back. Department of Homeland Security, and the U. Department of Justice.

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Anyone who was a victim of trafficking via Back is encouraged to file a report with the California Department of Justice by ing back doj. Attorney General Harris has made fighting human trafficking a priority for the California Department of Justiceand has advocated for increased collaboration among federal, state and local law enforcement agencies during the investigation and prosecution of human trafficking crimes.

The Office of the Attorney General is actively investigating and prosecuting human trafficking cases across California. Most recently, the office secured a felony conviction against Andrew Jordan, 37, of Long Beach, on charges of human trafficking, pimping, pandering, domestic violence, and assault.

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Jordan forced women to commit commercial sex acts and kept the proceeds, severely punishing the victims if they violated his strict rules. Last year, the Office of the Attorney General released a resource guide to help companies comply with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act. InAttorney General Harris created a Human Trafficking Work Group and released a report, The State of Human Trafficking in Californiawhich discussed the growth of human trafficking crimes statewide and the challenges with combatting them effectively. Please note that an arrest warrant contains only allegations against a person and, as with all defendants, Carl Ferrer, Michael Lacey, and James Larkin must be pd innocent unless and until proven guilty.

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Copies of the arrest warrant and complaint are attached to the online version of this news release at www. Harris today announced the arrest of three individuals as part of an ongoing investigation into a sex trafficking case in San Diego. Tyrone Evans, 40, in San Diego County was arrested and charged on 22 felony counts of human trafficking, pimping and pandering.

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Lila Leflorsm, 36, and Natasha McElrath, 37, were also arrested in connection with the operation and are suspected of using social media to recruit teenage women and negotiate transactions. Through the investigation, law enforcement discovered that Tyrone Evans was involved in the sex trafficking of several women in San Diego County and across the country. Evans utilized social media websites to recruit and exploit his human trafficking victims. Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery where perpetrators profit from the control and exploitation of individuals, including men, women, children, adults, immigrants, or U.

The Task Force takes a collaborative and regional approach to effectively meet the threat posed by human traffickers who are increasingly organized and sophisticated.

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Attorney's Office, U. Customs and Border Protection, U. Department of Homeland Security, and U. Marshals Service. The San Diego Human Trafficking Task Force have referred Evans' victims to victim advocate groups in order to assist them in accessing housing, counseling, drug treatment, job training and other social services. Harris today announced that her office has filed six felony charges against Andrew Jordan, 36, in Los Angeles County Superior Court for allegedly committing human trafficking, pimping, pandering, domestic violence, assault, and a racially motivated hate crime.

He was held Backpage Escorts Freedom CA answer on these charges on February 3,and Jordan pled not guilty as charged. Jordan drove her to an area of Los Angeles she was unfamiliar with and forced her to solicit sex acts from cars passing by. He monitored her whereabouts and ordered her to send him text messages every time she was picked up and every time she completed an act.

He collected the money in between and forced her to stay out until she met a quota that the defendant set. She described how the defendant beat her severely when she broke his rules and called her racially degrading slurs to further punish and control her. He coerced her into getting a tattoo of his name on her wrist. The defendant also controlled all of her personal belongings. She testified that she was scared to run away as he kept tabs on her by constantly driving up and down the street.

It was not until she was in custody that she was able to tell an officer that she was being abused.

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Human traffickers often use verbal and physical abuse to instill fear in their victims, break down their sense of self-worth, and maintain control. This prevents victims from seeking help or running away. The defendant has remained in custody since his September arrest.

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The next court date is a pre-trial conference on April 27, and jury trial is set for May 19, Attorney General Harris has made fighting human trafficking a priority for the California Department of Justiceand has advocated for increased collaboration between federal, state and local law enforcement agencies during the investigation and prosecution of the crime of human trafficking. The bill creates the Statewide Interagency Human Trafficking Task Force, which would be a permanent collaborative entity led by the California Department of Justice in partnership with other government agencies.

In addition to her sponsorship of ABAttorney General Harris also announced her support for AB by Speaker Emeritus Atkins, a bill to establish housing programs that provide trauma-informed mental health services for child sex trafficking victims. Atkins D-San Diego. I applaud Speaker Emeritus Atkins for fighting this abhorrent crime.

That bill, which was sponsored by Attorney General Harris while she served as San Francisco District Attorney, made human trafficking a crime in the state, provided restitution to trafficking victims, and directed the CA ACTS to produce the first comprehensive report on human trafficking in California.

This permanent entity demonstrates a long-term commitment from California to ending both sex and labor trafficking within the state. Both bills unanimously passed out of Assembly Public Safety Committee last week.

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Attorney General Harris has made fighting human trafficking a priority for the California Department of Justice. Last year, the Office of the Attorney General released a Resource Guide to help companies comply with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act, a law requiring large retailers and manufacturers in California to post their supply chain policies online.

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InAttorney General Harris released Gangs Beyond Bordersa report that highlighted the growing role of transnational criminal organizations in the human trafficking underground economy. The training will be held at the Port of Oakland and will provide resources to help truck drivers recognize and report suspected traffickers to law enforcement.

Given the cross-jurisdictional nature of the crime of human trafficking and the use of major thoroughfares by traffickers, truck drivers are particularly well-positioned to aid law enforcement. The event will also feature The Freedom Drivers Project, a first-of-its-kind foot mobile exhibit that includes artifacts from trafficking cases, portraits of Truckers Against Trafficking members, and ways members of the public can the fight against human trafficking. Those who buy trafficked labor must also be held able for their outrageous crimes.


I thank Truckers Against Trafficking and our law enforcement partners for their work to dismantle networks of traffickers and this criminal industry. Every member of our community should be aware that children and adults are trafficked on a daily basis around our state and nation, and we each have a vital role to play in ending this horrendous criminal enterprise. Attorney Brian J. Participants in trainings have included the U. The award recognizes individuals who have worked to prevent and prosecute human trafficking and protect victims from violence, exploitation, and slavery.

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Throughout her career, Attorney General Harris has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to fighting human trafficking. She has advocated for increased collaboration between federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in investigating and prosecuting trafficking cases, as well as early and frequent collaboration between law enforcement and victim service providers. InAttorney General Harris released a report, Gangs Beyond Borders: California and the Fight Against Transnational Organized Crimewhich identified human trafficking as an emerging criminal enterprise undertaken by transnational criminal organizations and recommended creating state task forces to investigate and disrupt these organizations.

I thank our DOJ agents and our local, state and federal partners for their continued commitment to fighting trafficking in communities across California. Lee pled to conspiracy to commit pandering, two counts of bribery, and three counts of tax fraud and Loi pled to conspiracy to commit pandering and two counts of bribery.

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Loi will be sentenced in October. The t investigation revealed that Acucare Oriental Massage operated as a front for a brothel where young Asian females were used for commercial sex and replaced every two weeks. Lee, Loi, Kuang and Liu were arrested and charged for conspiracy, pimping, pandering, bribery, and tax fraud on December 12, The report analyzes the challenges California faces in addressing this increasing crime.

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As a populous border state with a ificant immigrant population, California is one of the top destinations for human traffickers. Harris today issued a consumer alert to Californians on the availability of critical information about the efforts that certain companies are undertaking to stop and prevent human trafficking and slavery in their product supply chains - in the United States and abroad. In addition, Attorney General Harris today released a guide, The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act: A Resource Guideto provide businesses with recommendations to develop and refine their disclosures to consumers.

The mandated disclosures apply to five specific —verification, audits, certification, internal ability, and training. The Act, the first law of its kind in the nation, enables consumers to distinguish companies that are taking steps to supply the marketplace with products free from the taint of slavery and trafficking.

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An estimated 21 million people are victims of forced labor around the globe. These victims work in virtually every industry and across sectors, including manufacturing, agriculture, construction, entertainment and domestic service.

Since the Act is intended to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions, consumers should be aware of the law and know what to look for on company websites.


Once consumers have gained access to the required disclosures, they can review them before making a purchase. Verification: To what extent, if any, that the retail seller or manufacturer engages in verification of product supply chains to evaluate and address risks of human trafficking and slavery.

Audits: To what extent, if any, the retail seller or manufacturer conducts audits of suppliers to evaluate supplier compliance with company standards for trafficking and slavery in supply chains.

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