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This list is rather incomplete. September Casey Ross24, St. Louis, Missouri 1. September Pam Abercrombie49, St. Louis, Missouri 2.

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September Marney Hayes16, St. Louis County, Missouri 3. May 24 Kathleen Black50, St. March 16 Daoyou Feng44, chinese?

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November 26 Amethyst Killian22, St. Peters, Missouri, Ohio, was stabbed 20 times to death by client Damion Delgado, June 7 name unknown23, West Loop feeder road near Alabama Street, Houston, Texas, was hit and killed by a car after she wanted to leave her pimp who had brought her from Las Vegas to Houston due to the brothel closings in Nevada because of the Corona pandemic March 14 Elizabeth LongN. Dearborn St. Merritt, age October 14 Letty Serrano15, Houston, Texas, committed suicide after being sex trafficked July 4 Brittany McDowell.

May 31 Esmeralda Gonzalez24, Las Vegas, Nevada, was strangled and injected with pool cleaner by Christopher Prestipino, who had hired her. He had lured the Esmeralda to his home, gave her meth, and tied her up after she threatened to call the police.

April 6 Ashley Weger32, Ely, Nevada April 6 Mya Hall27, trans, Baltimore, Maryland March 30 Ashanti Carmon. March 19 Nancy Harrison52, Detroit, Michigan March 8 Angel Peckham21, Houston, Texas January 4 Kayla Melissa Dubuque.

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January 4 Destiny Dennis. December 19 Alexandria N. Reshard32, Tallahassee, Florida, murdered by Philip Ford, Abdullahi, 27, who also set her body on fire.

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Bobbie was addicted to drugs. Claudine was mother of five children and addicted to heroine. A few weeks before her body was found, Melissa Ramirez shared a premonition she had with her mom and sister-in-law: She will be murdered with a gunshot to the head within a month, she told them. She was raped at age 13 and was addicted to crack cocaine.

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Melissa was mother of two children. September 1 Cheryl Murray.

August 20 Junying Lu. July 8 Chrystel Yager. June 1 Antash'a English38, trans, Jacksonville, Florida, shot to death.

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Cami had been missing since February. She was addicted to meth. Cami had moved into her first apartment after more than a decade on the street and found work at the local Deseret Industries thrift store. And Cami had found a purpose: She had gone back to school to start the long journey to become a prosecutor for the state or federal government, so she could personally bring to justice the kind of men who had preyed on her when she was on the streets. March 11 Shniquia Marquette Simington.

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March 3 Morgan Huennekens. March 2 Neidy Roche.

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February 28 Cheri Ingram. February 26 Annetta Nelson. February 23 Phylicia Mitchell45, trans, Cleveland, Ohio, was shot to death.


Tonya was addicted to drugs. February 4 Celine Walker34, trans, Jacksonville, Florida, was shot to death. February 1 Angela Nielson. January 9 Kristen Marti. November 25 Song Yang38, chinese, Flushing, Queens, New York died in hospital after she jumped from the third-floor store during a police raid September 22 Olympia Cerruti.

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In Cottingham had been charged for sexually assaulting Kristen at a gunpoint, a crime for which he never served jail time. August 6 Essence Shabli Owens. July 27 Gemmel Moore. Commercial Blvd.


Jessica had a past of sexual abuse and was addicted to drugs. Her ex-boyfriend hat forced her into a prostitution ring Shannon was stabbed times. Henderson, Hannah was homeless. March 22 Alphonza Watson38, trans, Baltimore, Maryland, was shot to death. January 31 Bridget Shiel.

January 22 Stephanie Louise Garcia. Tobi was trafficked. Murder Attempt.

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Rosales murdered Desiree because he did not enough money to pay her. December 20 Diana Hemmingway46, trans, South Florida, committed suicide. Foul play is suspected.

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October 28 Delencia Simmons. October 10 Aniyah Richards28, outside E. Holt Ave, Pomona, California, shot to death unclear if prostitution connected yet. August 12 Cynthia Worthy23, Davison Street, Detroit, Michigan, was stabbed to death after meeting with a sexbuyer from Back.

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July 25 Jasmin Antee Nealy. July 16 Rickie Morgan. Some of Kaylas clothing was located near her body. Her remains were found on June 6. Ethel was addicted to drugs.

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May 29 Name unknown17, Motel, Groton, Connecticut, died of opiate overdose after being forced into prostitution by Ramon B.

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