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RSS Feed. The Florida Department of Children and Families counted nearly 1, reports of human trafficking statewide ina 54 percent Backpage Escorts Halfway MD from the year. Advocates for victims have called human trafficking modern-day slavery. Under state and federal law, it is defined as soliciting, recruiting, harboring, transporting or otherwise obtaining another person to exploit him or her for labor, domestic servitude or sexual exploitation.

According to the Polaris Project — a nonprofit based in Washington, D. The Boynton Beach incident took place in the early morning hours of Feb. The men entered a home on Northwest Fourth Street, two of them with guns drawn. An ad for the woman later appeared on the Back.

Women and men in drug recovery are particularly vulnerable to being manipulated by traffickers, she said. This month, an unnamed Florida woman who says she was the victim of trafficking through Back and an anti-human trafficking organization filed a lawsuit in federal court in Orlando against the owners of Back. Statistics show the majority of reported human trafficking cases involve women, but it can also happen to men and boys, officials say.

They can be older. They can be male. It happens really across the socioeconomic spectrum.

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According to the Polaris Project, s of human trafficking include a person being unable to leave as he or she wishes, lacking control over his or her finances, and lacking control over his or her identificiation. Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at Read the original story here.

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These reactions prompted conversations about the effectiveness of the shutdown in preventing child sex trafficking, concerns for potential detrimental effects, and questions about next steps. For the next three days we will hear from four survivors of sex trafficking about their perspectives on the Back.

This is the first blog in that series. Read Part 2 here. In this blog we interview four survivors of sex trafficking: Tara Madison is a published author, speaker and a full time college student whose chief aim is to educate the public on the dynamics of human trafficking.

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She has mentored hundreds of women, encouraging them as they journey towards truth, identity, and worth. A Male Survivor It has been argued that Back.

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Tara Madison: The notion that Back. If a corporation or individual claims to be cooperating with law enforcement, why would that same corporation or individual be unwilling to cooperate with the government about the same matter? A Female Survivor: Maybe some, but how many have slipped though that net? I have not had a conversation with a law enforcement officer that was thankful for that Back. Might possibly find missing minors but with or without Back.

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Kathy Bryan: It sounds good, in theory. Assisting with something does not negate any criminal activity you also participate in. The have simply moved to another area of Back. Trafficking people is illegal in the U. Prostitution is illegal in most of the U.

If I were found to have assisted or materially participated in any of those three crimes, I would be considered guilty of those crimes. Back is not only assisting in the process of trafficking, they are making money from doing so! If Back were supporting any other illegal endeavor such as advertising illegal drugs, murder for hire, etc.


One can purchase nearly anything on Back. A home, couch, car, clothing, animals, and yes, humans.

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Meaning they make money from the illegal activities of trafficking and prostitution, literally profiting from victimization. Allow me one example of just how lucrative it is for Back. These are actual fees a fellow survivor knows were charged when she was sold.

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She was never advertised with less than four per day, and each was reposted five times. After days, this would have provided Back.

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This is from one victim! Perhaps now you can see just how much advertising human trafficking lined their pockets. It seems like a well-intentioned argument, but nonetheless, incredibly stupid. Thanks but no thanks. The unit has been busy investigating cases of sex trafficking, and on this day, they were able to see the fruits of their labor.

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That progress le to Gary Cherelus standing in front of a judge in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs. He pleaded no contest to two counts of human trafficking and will serve 20 years in prison. But the victims of sex trafficking often spend a lifetime trying to recover, and some never do. Tracking the recovery success of trafficking victims is difficult.

But, Olivares has been able to get s from the Catholic Charities, which provides services for some victims. Injust 22 percent of sex trafficking victims born in the United States who received services from Catholic Charities in Southwest Florida were able to make a full recovery. That means they are living independently, holding a job and receiving services. In total, there were 57 victims of sex trafficking in Southwest Florida in Many of them were foreign born and, according to Olivares, their success rate was much higher at about 90 percent.

The Shelter for Abused Women and Children in Naples is the lead provider for housing services for women who are victims of sex trafficking in Collier County.

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Executive Director Linda Oberhaus says the recovery time for these victims is almost unparalleled. She says one of the most challenging factors in getting total buy-in from victims is an addiction to opiates like heroin.

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They've given them a place to sleep. They've given them just enough drugs, so they're not hurting.


That still doesn't solve many of the issues victims have to work through. In court, one of his victims wrote a statement about Cherelus, read by the prosecutor. Raped to death or better yet an overdose," prosecutor Deborah Cunningham read from the victim's statement.

What players may be involved in these types of investigations?

The case against Cherelus was only possible because she was able to run for freedom out the back door of his East Naples apartment one morning. Police interviews with that witness show she originally met Cherelus to purchase drugs, like heroine and cocaine. But after she ran out of money, Cherelus told her she "had to work for him payments made by johns for sex in exchange for the drugs she must pay him back for.

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She estimated there were about five women working out of his home, and that when money would get tight Cherelus would just "work them more. Police found from a website commonly used to solicit sex with the women.


Cherelus admitted to helping the women post thealthough, in his original interview with police, he denied being their pimp. They're runaways.

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Many of them start in the commercial sex industry as young as 12 to 13 years old but even before that they were being taught the sort of life of exploitation," Williams said. FGCU's s reinforce that trend.

Infive victims of sex trafficking cases in Southwest Florida were minors.

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Init's already The vast majority of cases are originating in Collier County and Williams' exploitation unit. InCCSO conducted 28 human trafficking investigations -- finding 31 victims in those cases. Still, Williams says Collier County is no hotbed for sex trafficking. More cases likely means finding more victims.

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In Cherelus' case, the two main victims have gone in very separate directions. According to police reports obtained by NBC2, one of the victims is now working, and in her statement read in front of the court, she sounded upbeat about her chances. I'm a survivor, and I'm a recovering addict, and I'm proud because not all women make it out of those dark places alive," the statement read.

But the other victim is currently serving the next six months in state prison for possession of heroin. Full statement from Victim of Gary Cherelus: "I put my life in harms way the day I surrendered to you. I handed my body over to your care like maybe you'd do it some good. It was a lighter being passed around to light everyone's cigarette in the room.

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You told me I was going to be your money maker. You said we were all a family and I believed you. I felt like I belonged. But I later found out I only belonged to you. I felt hopeless. I believed at one point I decided and accepted that I wasn't ever going to get away from you and that this was how I was going to die.

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