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I am writing a speech on prostitution, and since i am from Oregon I would like to use Portland as an example in my speech. I would like to know where prostitution is more prominent in Portland.

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I would like to know Streets, Districts, time when the prostitues come out, amount of prostitutes out at a time, and any other useful information that might help out with my speech Any information would be appreciated please and thank you! Most escorts are using back these days.

As far as street prostitution goes, most arrests are taking place between 82nd and nd. The hourly motels on 82nd have reputations for drug use and prostitution, but less so now than in the past.

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These days it's all about back, and a little bit on Craigslist. Do you happen to know how long ago this was?

Asian Escorts near Oregon

Call PPD, tell them what you are doing, ask if they can help you. The public information office probably has the info you're seeking and much more that will be good for your purposes.

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Based on my observations working in a skeezy motel for a few years:. Most pros I observed worked any hours.

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It is not uncommon to have several checking in for appointments in the late morning or early afternoon; demand drives the business. But evenings and late nights are when saturation is reached. Some will establish a room fairly early in the day or evening and come and go for several hours they may come alone or with a date at initial check inwhile others won't arrive until late with a date.


So they would come in and rent rooms and come and go with different johns at different times of the day? This is either the worst excuse to ask people to find a prostitute for them, or you are the worst undercover cop I've ever seen.

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Friend works in criminal law and told me most street prostitutes hang out on 82nd near Sandy. Found the internet! Where is there a lot of prostitution in Portland?


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Based on my observations working in a skeezy motel for a few years: 82nd Ave. Or a high schooler just trying to write a paper. Nice try, PPD. Created May 26, Top posts january 20th Top posts of january, Top posts Back to Top.

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