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Seems PAve was carrying it live. Share this post: on Twitter on Facebook.

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Cat fights, a new Olympic sport? Needs wig tossing and flashing for be. Could these be the refugees that Kristi Noem called to move to South Dakota?

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Do whatever you want to do in the name of freedom! Leave those authoritarian states with those oppressive laws.


Move to Tea, SD have the freedom to ignore local ordinances and when your car is towed away you have the freedom to set up a Go Fund Me and get money from those who are gullible too that are freely donate. Freedom to fight.

Freedom to not wear masks. Freedom to not vaccinate and Freedom to be FreeDumb!

South Dakota Sluts

South Dakota! Lindell was attacked, too. The episode title?

Singles in South Dakota, USA

Donate To South Dacola. Editorial Cartoonist from South Dakota.

South Dakota

Donate To South Dacola Videos. Show more videos». South Dacola.

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Legislative investigations, votes on cannabis policy and wins and losses for government transparency make for a hectic week in South Dakota politics. The local union president said the company is verbally abusing employees and neglecting COVID safety such as social distancing.

Singles in South Dakota, USA

Stop what you are doing and check this one out! When you walk in the front door you will be greeted….

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