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up to receive a daily e-newsletter with a selection of local, state and regional news headlines from the Jackson Hole Daily. This question has been repeated over and over in the past year as allegations of sexual violence, some decades old, rise to the surface in the wake of the MeToo movement.

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Tat Maxwell, Keely Herron and Catherine Watsabaugh each have taken different paths to the moment when they talked about their sexual assault. Maxwell only recently spoke publicly about how she was assaulted in Herron didn't recount her experiences in detail for almost 40 years after. Watsabaugh talked about her trauma almost immediately. The empty chair represents the majority of women who have not, or cannot, come forward.

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There is a science behind how the human brain processes trauma, which may offer some explanation of why victims don't speak sooner. But the human side cannot be underscored enough — when something traumatic happens, it's hard to process. The MeToo movement took off a year ago, shortly after a New York Times report detailed a dozen accusations of sexual harassment and assault against film producer Harvey Weinstein. As reports continued to roll out, actress Alyssa Milano encouraged women to tag their stories of sexual assault and harassment with MeToo.

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Thousands posted on social media, from celebrities on the coasts to our neighbors in Jackson Hole. Only out of 1, rapes will be reported to police, according to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. As the stories piled up, so did the perpetrators some alleged, some proven : Bill Cosby.

Al Franken. Matt Lauer. Charlie Rose. Kevin Spacey. Roy Moore. If anything, the movement highlighted how common experiences of sexual assault are to women all of ages and races in America. This series explores that question through the eyes of six women, all with a shared experience, but all who processed their trauma differently. Tatiana Maxwell came forward 35 years later, feeling enough of a shift had occurred in the culture that perpetrators would be held able. Keeley Herron shared her story on the Center for the Arts stage in a TEDx Jackson Hole talk, detailing the impact of a trauma that reached back nearly 40 years.

The public discourse surrounding MeToo, they said, provided a platform for the discussion, which is far from over. Also in the discussion is Cate Watsabaugh, Local Sluts Jackson WY was attacked by two strangers on Town Square in She spoke out immediately after the assault, reporting to police and speaking to the press. These women, admittedly, do not have all the answers.

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While there are common thre, each chose her own path. Some fear they will not be believed. Some fear retaliation. Others fear the offender will not be held able.

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Shame often plays a role, she said. When she did, it still seemed unbelievable. In December the hit Facebook, first as a private post. In it Maxwell detailed how, inEd Murray tried to kiss her, then wrestled her down to the floor, lifted her shirt and ejaculated on her stomach. At the time of the the two were co-workers at a law firm. At the time of reporting Murray was Wyoming secretary of state and considering a gubernatorial run.

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Friends encouraged her to make the post public. The optics of white men firing embarrassing questions and requesting graphic details of the from an African-American woman sparked outrage. I think anyone who thinks you could have easily come out and told these stories is being disingenuous about what the environment was at the time. Maxwell never reported the assault to law enforcement. The understanding of sexual assault at that time, Maxwell said, was rape — or forced penetration — and it resulted in physical injury.

There was no nuance.

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Survivors often fear the process of reporting, worrying their behavior, motives and will be questioned, said University of Wyoming psychology professor Matt Gray, who studies sexual violence prevention and traumatic stress. So you could make the case that the reasonable and the adaptive emotional decision is to not make that report.

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There are a lot of variables that predict who will believe a sexual assault claim, said Narina Nunez, also a professor of psychology at the University of Wyoming. It would seem as though that would have been the time to bring it up.


There were similar reactions when Dr. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault. She was disappointed with the reaction — or lack thereof — within the political community. Former U. Cynthia Lummis, a Republican, was the only public official to reach out. I wanted him to quit victimizing women. But more than any of that I wanted to change how it worked.

As her youngest daughter, Marrakech, he to college this fall Maxwell is looking to the next generation. Like many women, she stayed silent after it happened.

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She blamed herself and tried to forget it. Survivors commonly face shame and embarrassment, Gray said. Most well-trained law enforcement agencies will not pursue low-level offenses at the expense of trying to pursue a felony. In some ways she felt she was primed for such vulnerability, having first been abused when most children her age were taking swimming lessons or learning to ride a bike. She was 5 years old at the time, and there was no escaping her teenage predators. They lived right next door.

The experience, though nearly 40 years ago, shaped her. Changed her. She compares her life to a bamboo shoot. The plant spirals because something gets in its way, something is there to shape the shoot. At 5, Herron was too young to understand what was happening or what to do. But as she matured she started understanding social contexts around the topic as well. Her family did not talk about those kinds of things. Herron first spoke publicly about the sexual abuse during a TEDx Jackson Hole talk in which she focused on the stigma of trauma.

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While her mom has watched her talk, they still haven't discussed it. There's a possibility they never will. Even if a family is supportive the subject is hard to breach. Cate Watsabaugh suggested as much in her victim impact statement, which she read to the court in front of her two offenders. She debated toning down the language, the imagery.

I do not want anyone to feel comfortable reading or listening to this. This is the first time Herron has recounted her experiences in detail. She never reported the molestation or rape to police.

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She speaks now to help others, and in turn, help herself. It started as a night out with a group of friends, a bunch of students celebrating being seniors.

The next thing she recalls is waking up the next morning with him on top of her. I could just feel that. Who would believe this was different?

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The expectation of percent — that a memory should be played out like a film reel — is disproportionately applied to sexual assault survivors. Cannon remembers the evening in pieces.

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Even once she could name the experience as rape she had a hard time shifting blame off herself. That second-guessing may also lead to silence, as it did for Cannon. Going to police was never an option she considered.

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After just one drink with her meal, the room was spinning and she was stumbling. Somehow, inconceivably, too drunk to drive, she accepted an offer to be walked to his place. Once there he tried to take her clothes off and have sex with her.

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Inebriated, incapacitated, Daly tried to resist. She counts herself lucky that she became violently ill and was able to escape and call for a ride home. Immediately afterward, she felt able to talk about what had happened with people close to her.

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But when urged to report the incident or take a blood test to screen for drugs, she froze. Daly thought she would be questioned for hanging out with that person. She was intimidated by the idea of recounting it to a male cop with a gun on his hip.

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